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Stand tall, kneel to help a child, support The 2020 Festival

Most Freemasons sign up for a regular monthly donation over the period of the Festival, although lump sum donations are also welcome.

By qualifying as a Steward of The 2020 Festival you will receive the Festival Jewel, which helps promote the Festival and shows the Province’s support for the RMTGB.

To do so requires a minimum donation, or a regular payment promise totaling £400.


Jewel 02 119x291


Higher honorifics

Some wish to give a higher donation and higher honorifics in thanks are:
• £720 with the addition of Gift-Aid totals £900 for Vice Patron
• £1,120 with the addition of Gift-Aid totals £1,400 for Patron
• £1,600 with the addition of Gift-Aid totals £2,000 for Grand Patron
For donations or a regular payment promise to these levels, an appropriate bar will be provided for fixing to your Festival Jewel.

Higher Rate Taxpayers

Those lucky enough to be paying higher rate tax are able to reclaim their higher rate back from HMRC and therefore they might consider giving that to the charity as well.
• £280 is reclaimed for a Patron donation
• £400 is reclaimed for a Grand Patron donation


Always give using Gift-Aid if you are entitled to as the RMTGB can reclaim tax relief on all donations. The higher honorific actual payment levels are set on the presumption that Gift-Aid will be reclaimable.

Not much to make such a difference to a young person’s whole life

As a Steward it is as little as £6.67 per month (£400 in total) to change a young person’s life. (Vice Patron £12, Patron £18.67, Grand Patron £26.67). It is equivalent to 2 pints of beer a month, that’s all.
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