The 2020 Festival

The End of The Festival Looms

At the recent Provincial Grand Officers Club, the Pro Provincial Grand Master/Grand Superintendent stated that the end date for The 2020 Festival would be the same date as the 150th Anniversary of Province, which is on 22 January 2020.

There are now only 14 months left of the Festival in which to donate to this wonderful cause and to achieve a level of honorific.

He also commented on the large value of funds residing in Lodge and Chapter Relief Chests, much of which should actually be with a charity, and asked that consideration was given to unlocking this money and moving it into the Festival Relief Chest.


At the same time he announced that plans were being put together to have one celebratory event to commemorate both the 150th Anniversary of the Province and the end of The 2020 Festival, probably at the end of March 2020. More details on this are to be provided in due course.

Our Current Total is £3.5m

Given these announcements the Festival Committee urge you to make a last big effort to turn what has already been up to now a successful Festival, into one that makes our great Province shine as an example to the entire fraternity in the auspicious year of our Province’s 150th Anniversary.

Those Lodges and Chapters that had during the year reached Grand Patron, Platinum Grand Patron and Diamond Grand Patron were awarded their certificates at the Annual Meetings held a short while before.

Grand Patron, Platinum Grand Patron
and Diamond Grand Patron Lodge Representatives

The Festival Committee and the RMTGB would like to give huge thanks to all the Brethren and Companions who have supported this great cause and have enabled Middlesex to get to such a tremendous total at this stage of the Festival.

To the Brethren who have an honorific, the Companions who have their Triple Tau, to the Charity Stewards who have promoted the Festival and the Lodges and Chapters who have achieved various honorific levels and who have given their charity funds in their Relief Chests to this charity, we are most grateful indeed.

There is now less than 18 months left of our Festival and still many good causes, many children in distress, that means we need to carry on, in effect we have not yet ‘performed our allotted task’. We know that this tremendous support will continue until right up until the end and thank you all for that in advance.

However, whilst there is no target for our Festival, other than to raise as much as we can, lots of Members are still to contribute and there is much more we can do for the children……and this video reminds us why:-

The Marchington’s Story

What is The 2020 Festival ?

A period of 5 years, ending in 2020, when all Masons in Middlesex are asked to support one of our Masonic Charities, the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys. This is a charity doing amazing work.

Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys

As you discover more about the work of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys (RMTGB) you will feel reassured that by supporting The 2020 Festival you will be making a lasting difference to a great many young people who most need our help.

The RMTGB’s mission statement:

‘To relieve poverty and advance the education of children of a Masonic family and, where funds permit, support other children in need.’

More information about The 2020 Festival:

If you have any questions, require more information, have fund raising suggestions, or are organising events relating to The 2020 Festival, please

Watch this video which shows what the RMTGB does:-

Maddie’s Story


“A man never stands so tall as when he kneels to help a child”

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